Table Top Shuffleboard

One of the latest table games to enter the home is the Table top Shuffleboard, which has been gaining in popularity for the last decade or so. Not only will you find them in homes but you will also find league play in a variety of locations, with tournaments all over the country for this addictive sport. If playing shuffleboard is something you would like to get into you will first need to understand how to play the game. In table top shuffleboard a player slides weighted pucks down the table while trying to score as many points as possible. While sliding your pucks down to shuffleboard you may also want to use your pucks to knock your opponent's pucks out of play. The table top version is quite similar to the version that is played on cruise ships except that in table top shuffleboard a player pushes the pucks by hand rather than with a cue stick. Table top shuffleboard is played with two to four players, on a shuffle board table that ranges in length between 12 and 22 feet. The surface on higher end tables is made of a kiln dried maple then coated with a wax and silicone spray to make the pucks slide better and faster. Each player takes turns shooting their four pucks when everybody has shot their pucks they walk down to the other end of the table to shoot again, this continues till somebody wins.

Only eight pucks may be in play at one time in table top shuffleboard so if there are four players you will play doubles with each player playing two pucks. With doubles each partner stands at opposite ends of the table, and the two competitors on each end take turns shooting their pucks to the other end. Each area of the Table top shuffleboard is divided up into sections with each section being worth a certain number of points. The section closest to the middle that is the longest is only worth one point; the next section is worth two points and the section that is closest to the end is worth three points.

If you should be so lucky as to get it halfway over the edge at the end it is worth four points. When it is time to award points after all the pucks have been shot, you will check to see who made it closer to the end of the table, this player is awarded points for every puck that has gone farther than his opponents best shot. This player will earn points for each puck that is past that point while his opponent will earn none. Table top shuffleboard is played in frames, with the final score normally being the best of three or the best of five frames. The length of frames is based on the number of points and varies depending on whether you are playing a singles or doubles match. For a singles match a frame is 11 points, in a doubles match the doubles team must get 21 points. If you would like to know more about table top shuffleboard or are interested in getting a table top shuffleboard head over to the Hudson Shuffleboard site. They offer top quality shuffleboard tables at low prices that anyone can afford.