Table Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard enjoyed a tremendous boom in the 50's as people from all over the country participated tournaments or came from all over to watch them played. While shuffleboard started out as a sport for the elite, rich, royalty and anyone else with plenty of time and money to burn, shuffleboard has become a sport for everyone a growing number of taverns and recreational centers are beginning to add table shuffleboard to their activities. In recent years the table shuffleboard has begun to increase in popularity as a fixture for home game rooms as the prices of good quality shuffleboard tables has started to come down. As the demand for shuffleboards increases the prices continue to fall and more families are adding these games to their homes as both an elegant and unusual piece of furniture and a fun way to spend a family evening. Shuffleboards are growing in popularity however in other places most notably as a way for bars to attract more customers. Much like in the 20's and 30s table shuffleboard is showing up in bars and the sport is growing in popularity particularly in certain areas of the country. Bars are adding these tables in hopes of attracting tournaments that bring attention as well as revenue to their bars.

This tactic appears to be working as more and more people are showing up to participate in these tournaments. The table shuffleboard of the past was sabotaged by a lack of consistent rules and a lack of amateur events. This led to a lot of fighting among those that were involved in the sport and between that and the dawn of the electronics age, shuffleboard suffered from a decline for many years. A few dedicated players and manufacturers have kept the sport alive though and a solid set of national rules and sanctioning appears to have ensured that the sport is back to stay. With that table shuffleboard has experienced a policy board made up of professional players and interested sponsors to ensure that tournament play will not be beset by the same problems that once plagued it. Because of all of this the sport has had a full 100 percent increase in participation and new leagues and tournaments are popping up everywhere.

More manufactures than ever are making shuffleboards and the accessories that go with it and the media has started bringing attention to this often misunderstood sport. There is now a full set of table shuffleboard rules that are presented by the Shuffleboard Federation that is in use at the official tournaments around the country. There are 35 rules that cover everything from player conduct to how the game is played and how it is scored. Hudson Shuffleboards sells top quality and affordable table shuffleboards in several sizes. If you are looking for a shuffleboard for your home they sell one as small as 12 feet or if you are looking for shuffleboards that will accommodate tournament play they have 22 foot boards that meet tournament specifications. You can also find an assortment of shuffleboard accessories including pucks, wax and cleaner.