Shuffleboard Wax

Table shuffleboard has been a growing trend not only in bars, but in competitions and family homes around the country. Has manufactures are starting to make more shuffle boards the competition has increased and the cost of owning a shuffle board has become more affordable than ever. Because of their affordability shuffleboard tables are showing up in many different places and the sport is taking off. Many people do not realize however that shuffleboard tables require maintenance to keep them working properly including the regular use of shuffleboard wax. A shuffleboard table is still a sizeable investment even with prices becoming more competitive; to buy a good shuffleboard table will cost you as much as a good quality pool table will, so it is very important that you take good care of your investment. Supplies such as shuffleboard wax are not hard to find, they can be found anywhere that shuffleboards are sold, or it can be found on the Internet, at sites such as Hudson Shuffleboards. They should also offer shuffleboard cleaner and a silicone spray to keep your shuffleboard table in tip top shape.

Your shuffleboard table should have come with a maintenance book that tells you how to take care of your shuffleboard table as well as what types of cleaners, shuffle board wax and sprays you should use on it. It is a good idea to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully as they have already tested their shuffleboards under these conditions and know best what type of maintenance routine will keep your shuffleboard table in optimum condition. A few general important tips are to keep your shuffleboard table out of direct sunlight, which can have an adverse effect on the wood itself but can also cause problems with the silicone spray that you use on your shuffleboard table.

Most Manufacturers will suggest that you clean and wax your shuffleboard table at least once a month, this is whether you use it or not. This is because things such as dust and nicotine can coat the surface of your table even when you are not using it and cause problems with the surface. A good clean should clean contaminants such as nicotine as well as stripping a residual silicone spray off the surface allowing you to get a good clean for the shuffleboard wax to go down on. Once the shuffleboard table is clean you should use a shuffleboard wax that is made specifically for your table surface. Because there are different types of surfaces such as polymer or lacquered surfaces you will want to check to make sure that the product you are using is made for the particular surface. Finally you will want to use a silicone spray on your shuffleboard table once a week to ensure that you get maximum speed when playing. Hudson Shuffleboard provides top quality tournament style shuffleboard tables, and supplies such as shuffleboard wax. They offer only the best quality and provide it for significantly less than the competition does.