Shuffleboard Tables

A great way to bond with your kids or enjoy a night at home with friends is to have a game room, complete with an assortment of table games such as pool, ice hockey or shuffle board. In an age where video games and electronic devices have taken over as a form of entertainment a family get together around table games can foster a sense of camaraderie as well as encourage communication. Shuffleboard tables are not one of the games that you may think of as a game for the entertainment room, but shuffle board tables are now quite common and becoming increasingly popular. You may be more familiar with shuffle board as a game that is played on cruise ships made popular by the various TV shows over the years that has popularized the concept of standing around on the deck of a ship playing shuffleboard.

However this is not the only way to play shuffleboard, and as time has gone on, shuffleboard has emerge into activity centers around the country as well as shuffleboard tables that can be placed anywhere where there is enough room for them. Recently shuffleboard tables have begun to show up in anything from bars, to bowling alleys and now are making a showing in the family game room along side of the air hockey and pool tables. Shuffleboard tables not only provide a different element of fun for your family game room most of them can lend an air of distinction and class, that many tables games do not, so if you are looking for a room to hold parties or entertain the shuffleboard table can be a great addition to your room. Shuffleboard tables can range from 9- 22 feet in length, with 22 feet being the standard tournament size, while a smaller length can be just fine for a family room.

Whether you are going for a bigger table or a smaller one find one that is constructed of a kiln dried maple to get the best surface available for your table. Kiln dried maple will give you a durable surface that will stay even and not warp. The table is then finished with a special polymer finish to make it resistant to everything from scratches to warping. Shuffleboard tables offer a game experience similar to any sort of shuffleboard if you have played shuffleboard before it should be no problem to pick up the game. If you have not however ever played, you can find the rules online as well as whatever accessories you may need. Most companies will ship all the important accessories with the shuffleboard table, but if for whatever reason you need to purchase them they are also available online. If you are looking to purchase good quality shuffleboard tables for your home, that are similar to those tables used in tournament play you should take a look at Hudson Shuffleboards for more information about their shuffleboard tables. They offer a good quality table for much less money than the competition and stand behind their work with a one year warranty.