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Besides being one of the fastest growing shuffleboard companies in the country, Hudson Shuffleboards is a company that is determined to offer shuffleboard tables which are of the best quality, at the lowest prices. Our shuffleboard tables have been rated as the most awesome products and since we offer free shipping for all purchases of shuffleboard tables, the Hudson Shuffleboards website,, is the only place to purchase shuffleboard tables. The most affordable of our shuffleboard tables is the 12' Grand Hudson shuffleboard table, which in addition to featuring the traditional American shuffleboard look, this board is packed with state-of-the-art electronics to enhance the game of shuffleboard. The finish that is used for this particular shuffleboard table is the same finish that is insisted on by professional tournament players and the immaculate surface is able to keep the surface of the table smooth. When opting to purchase shuffleboard tables from Hudson Shuffleboards, not only will you be receiving the most affordable and best quality shuffleboard tables on the market, but included in the purchase of the shuffleboard tables is a set of eight playing weights and pucks enclosed in a wooden storage case and an advanced electronic scoreboard.

The cost of the most affordable of shuffleboard tables, the 12' Grand Hudson, is $4,200, and the full details and specifications of this particular shuffleboard table can be seen on our website. The company, Hudson Shuffleboards, was founded by Will Hudson, a fan of shuffleboard who realized that many people did not take up shuffleboard due to the high price of the shuffleboard tables and the accessories for the game. In an attempt to make the game more accessible to average US families, Will Hudson was determined to find a way to sell affordable shuffleboard tables, which also were built to last and which were able to offer years of enjoyment. To find out more about the history of shuffleboard and to familiarize you with the rules of the game, feel free to browse the Hudson Shuffleboards website.

If you have recently purchased one of our many top quality shuffleboard tables and are looking for venues to show off your new found talent, the Hudson Shuffleboards website has listed several venues of where regular shuffleboard tournaments are held, such as Pikers in Louisiana and The Thirsty Club in California. However, if you prefer enjoying a leisurely game of shuffleboard in the comfort of your own home, be sure to make your shuffleboard purchase via the Hudson Shuffleboards website and be assured of receiving tables which have been designed by a shuffleboard player with a passion for the game. Since our site is dedicated to the supply of shuffleboard tables, we also stock shuffleboard accessories and we have listed dealers on our website where the shuffleboard tables can be viewed.