Hudson Shuffleboard

The company, Hudson Shuffleboards, was founded by Will Hudson, who was always an avid fan and a player of shuffleboard, but during this travels, Will realized that many people chose not to play shuffleboard because of the high costs of shuffleboard and the necessary accessories used during the game. In an attempt to make the game more accessible to average US players, Will Hudson tried to find a way which would allow him to sell affordable shuffleboards. However, the Hudson Shuffleboard, although cheaper than most other shuffleboards, has been manufactured to last and the Hudson Shuffleboard will provide endless years of shuffleboard enjoyment. Not only is the Hudson Shuffleboards company one of the fastest growing shuffleboard companies in the country, but the company is determined to produce a Hudson Shuffleboard that is of the best quality, and which can be purchased at the most affordable price. The Hudson Shuffleboard has gained the reputation as being the best shuffleboards made. And since we provide free shipping on shuffleboard tables, the Hudson Shuffleboards website,, is the ideal online site to purchase an authentic and cost-effective Hudson Shuffleboard.

The most inexpensive Hudson Shuffleboard is the 9' Grand Hudson Shuffleboard and this board bears the conventional US shuffleboard appearance, but this board is packed with state-of-the-art electronics that will add to the thrill and excitement of the shuffleboard game. The finish of the Hudson Shuffleboard is the exact same finish that has been insisted on by professional tournament players, while the immaculate smooth surface of the Hudson Shuffleboard will ensure that the table remains smooth and offers a perfect playing surface. When a decision is made to purchase a Hudson Shuffleboard, buyers will not only be receiving, the most inexpensive and high end quality shuffleboard but included in the purchase of the Hudson Shuffleboard will be a set of eight playing weights and pucks and these are enclosed in a wooden storage case, and the Grand Hudson Shuffleboard is supplied with an electronic scoreboard. The cost of this particular Hudson Shuffleboard is $4,200, and the full details and specifications of shuffleboard can be seen via the Hudson Shuffleboards' website

For those who have recently purchased a Hudson Shuffleboard, and are trying to find venues in which they can show off their shuffleboard skills, the Hudson Shuffleboards website has listed a number of countrywide venues where regular shuffleboard tournaments are held, such as Pikers in Louisiana and The Thirsty Club in California. To obtain more information about the history of the shuffleboard and to find out about the rules of the game, feel free to browse the Hudson Shuffleboards website. Since our website is dedicated to the supply of the inexpensive Hudson Shuffleboard, we also stock a number of shuffleboard accessories and we have listed the Hudson Shuffleboard dealers, where the boards may be viewed. However, our comprehensive website shows all the features of each of the Hudson Shuffleboards.