Home Shuffleboard

Hudson Shuffleboards is your best option if you have been looking around online for a home shuffleboard suitable for your entertainment area, and you will be delighted to find that they are very affordable. There is a full selection of models of shuffleboards to choose from, up to tournament sizes, great for sports clubs, bars, arcades and game rooms. The 12 Ft size Grand Hudson home shuffleboard is the right size for your needs. Larger shuffleboards can be chosen up to 22ft for a great gaming accessory for your clubs, bars, arcades or schools. Browse through the most superior range available on the market, ready to ship nationwide and Canada with a complete range of accessories and instructions required to enjoy this fun game to the maximum.

When you click on the home shuffleboard Grand Hudson 12ft which is the smallest model, you will see all the stunning features and specifications of design, which show you that these are superior boards in every way manufactured with loving craftsmanship. We have designed our website to give you useful information about the game, and you will find links explaining the rules, as well as to information on tournament events for your convenience. If you are a proud owner of a home shuffleboard, you can look forward to hours of special fun with friends and family, and your board will last you for many years, because it has been created using the best quality materials on the market.

Will Hudson, the founder of Hudson Shuffleboards, is also a lover of this great game, and he has focused his energy and time on the development and design of beautiful home shuffleboard models with further sizes suitable for different rooms for your convenience. Three inch thick playing surfaces, with climatic adjusters installed give you a playing surface that will remain true for many years, and the cradle is protected with special protective cushions, available in different colors to choose from. Players can keep score on a beautiful wood inlaid electronic scoreboard, and you get quality pucks with a wooden storage case, speed powders, and a quality cleaning brush. If you already are the proud owner of a home shuffleboard, and have been looking for top quality accessories, like new pucks and speed powders, you can also order what you need directly from us.

Your home shuffleboard playing surface carries a lifetime warranty, and you can have a look at the PDF document with warranty information as well as installation instructions at the link provided. We ship directly to clients throughout the U.S. and Canada as mentioned above, and you can use secure online payment options and your board will be on its way to you in no time. At Hudson Shuffleboards we can assure every client that our premium quality home shuffleboards are crafted for a lifetime of enjoyment and fun, and once you have learned how to play, you will see that it is a game that you will never tire of.